About Us

At our core, we stand for honor, service, and unwavering commitment. Founded in 2016 Bare Arms is owned and managed by military and police veterans, Bare Arms embodies the dedication, sacrifice, and values ingrained through our collective experiences. Our mission goes beyond crafting quality apparel; it's about honoring the brave souls who've dedicated their lives to protect our communities and uphold our freedoms.

We take immense pride in our veteran ownership, as it allows us to infuse our products with the same resilience and dedication that define our service. Our commitment extends to supporting the Second Amendment, recognizing its fundamental role in safeguarding our liberties. Each design we create carries the spirit of our commitment to defending freedoms, celebrating the valor of those who've served, and standing firm in support of our constitutional rights.

By choosing our t-shirts, you're not only wearing quality garments but also expressing solidarity with the values of honor, sacrifice, and the preservation of freedoms that define our nation. Join us in honoring our heroes and embracing the principles that make us stronger together.

We're more than just a destination for quality apparel; we're a comprehensive hub for enthusiasts and defenders of freedom. Complementing our diverse range of t-shirts that honor the values of service and sacrifice, we house two full-service gun shops coupled with state-of-the-art indoor shooting ranges. Our commitment to supporting the Second Amendment extends beyond mere words; it's ingrained in our actions. Whether you seek premium clothing that proudly represents these values or a comprehensive experience that includes top-tier firearm services and a safe environment for honing your shooting skills, we're here to cater to your needs and embody the essence of dedication, service, and unwavering support for our constitutional rights.