Bare Arms Join or Die T-Shirt

The 1765 version was used to unite the Colonies against British rule and tyranny. To these Patriots however, the snake depicted wisdom, vigor, and cohesiveness, especially when the colonies united for a common purpose.  We use this today as a reminder that we all need to unite against the larger evil - not those within our borders, but those that wish to do us harm. 

All of our unique, graphic tees are crafted with and include: 

  • Premium, hand-selected t-shirts
  • Airlume combed & ring-spun cotton
    smoothest and comfiest tee you'll ever wear
  • Clean Cotton
    comb out 2.5x more impurities than other ring-spun cotton
  • Less frays
    our t-shirts are designed for less stray fibers
  • Unique garment fit in every size
  • Printed locally to Ashland, KY in the USA

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Join or Die


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