Bare Arms I Lubricate my AR-15 with Liberal Tears

I don't know about you, but I enjoy cleaning and then lubricating my AR-15 with liberal tears.  You know, the ones that are harvested from melted snowflakes that cry about individuals' rights, but then want to infringe upon your Right to Bear Arms as provided in the US Constitution. 

All of our unique, graphic tees are crafted with and include: 

  • Premium, hand-selected t-shirts
  • Airlume combed & ring-spun cotton
    smoothest and comfiest tee you'll ever wear
  • Clean Cotton
    comb out 2.5x more impurities than other ring-spun cotton
  • Less frays
    our t-shirts are designed for less stray fibers
  • Unique garment fit in every size
  • Printed locally to Ashland, KY in the USA

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I Lubricate my AR-15 with Liberal Tears


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