I'm Your Huckleberry Origin

I'm Your Huckleberry Origin

In 1993 Tombstone starring Kurt Russell, Sam Elliot, Bill Paxton, and Val Kilmer hit movie theaters around the world. Grossing $56.5 million in domestic ticket sales the film ranks 16th in the list of highest-grossing movies of all time.

Today Tombstone is a cult classic with many memorable scenes and notable quotes. Probably the most memorable quote, "I'm your huckleberry" has been echoed by fans around the world but where did this phrase come from?

According to idioms.online "I'm your huckleberry" means I'm your man, I'm the man for the job, or I'm the man you're looking for. Prevalent in the 1800s the phrase has been claimed to be the origin for Mark Twains' Huckleberry Finn.

It has been suggested that Twain may have used the name Huckleberry to mean small and insignificant. While the character is mostly known as the main character in the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Finn was first introduced as Tom Sawyer’s sidekick in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

If "I’m your huckleberry", the phrase, was on Twain’s mind when he named the character, then Huckleberry Finn’s role as a sidekick or willing companion would have fit well, as this is also a possible reference of the phrase itself.

Regardless of its origin and use in todays vernacular the phrase stands the test of time and can be heard almost anywhere. Want to re-watch the iconic scene featuring Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo?  

It's our pleasure!

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